Mormon trauma damages the central core of who we are or always thought we were. It leaves us feeling confused, discouraged, undermined, weak, anxious, and emotionally cut off from Mormons, Mormonism, and often even from connection to God and all mankind. This short informal assessment* can help you self-determine the degree to which you might be suffering from Mormon trauma:

5- Strongly agree
4 -Agree
3 -Neither agree nor disagree
2 – Disagree
1 – Strongly disagree

1. My identity, security and spiritual guidance were strongly grounded in LDS culture and theology prior to my church trauma.  Select the correct answer:


2. I was very committed to LDS doctrine, rituals, and programs (e.g., church and/or temple attendance) prior to my church trauma experience(s). Select the  correct answer:


3. I have personally experienced a form of religious abuse, which is defined as someone misusing church authority to exert control over an individual. Select the correct answer:


4. I have felt betrayed by the LDS church or by individual(s) who represented the church. Select the correct answer:


5. I have serious doctrinal questions and doubts. Select the correct answer:


6. If I spoke openly at church about my beliefs and concerns, it would not be well-received. Select the correct answer:


7. I have, at times, felt wrongfully judged, ostracized, targeted or gossiped about by other members. Select the correct answer:


8. I have felt or feel like an outsider at worship meetings. Select the correct answer:


9. I have felt or still feel traumatized by one or more core LDS doctrines. Select the correct answer:


10. I have unresolved negative feelings towards the LDS Church. Select the correct answer:


A score of 35 to 50 indicates a high degree of Mormon trauma
A score of 20 to 34 indicates a moderate amount of Mormon trauma
A score of 10 to 19 indicates a healthy/low level of Mormon trauma


**This is not a scientifically valid assessment and is intended for use as a guideline only.