If I Were a Bishop

Recently I was contacted by a former stake and mission president, David Ostler.  This wonderful man is dedicated to helping leaders learn how to help members through faith crisis.  He has an impressive website dedicated to just this cause called Stake and Ward Resources.  It is definitely worth checking out. Dave emailed me because he knew of my work and interest in helping trauma victims.  He wanted to ask some urgent questions he had in regards to leadership.  He asked, “If you were a Bishop what would you do differently in your ward? What would you do differently in sacrament meeting, Sunday Read More

Casting Stones

All growing up, I dreamed of serving an LDS mission. I don’t know why I wanted it so much. Perhaps because it was expected of me. Maybe it was the idea of going on an adventure in a foreign country, learning a foreign language or getting away from Mom and Dad for a couple years that was most appealing. I had a testimony and wanted to share it, but when the time came there was a tough choice to make between a prophet’s commandment and a pretty girl. I chose the girl. This choice branded me in LDS culture. I Read More

Oh No! I’m Having a Major Crisis!

Have you ever had a big dilemma?  I mean a big dilemma—a major-crisis type of dilemma that seems completely impossible and unsolvable?  A concern so big that you are sure it just might sink you?  I have.  I have had moments of extreme uncertainty, moments when the unknowns far outweigh any reasonable outcome.  In fact, wouldn’t it be funny to know that is the very reason I’m even composing an article on dilemmas?  Now, don’t lose faith in me while I admit that because I see this moment with beauty, actually.  I see hope in this dilemma even as I’m freaking Read More

AND: A Healthier Alternative

I once sat in a priesthood ordination in which the bishop asked: “Would those ‘worthy’ brethren asked to participate please come forward”. I recall feeling like crawling under the table because I was not ‘worthy’. I probably wouldn’t have felt so embarrassed and ashamed had it not been my son’s ordination. I was unworthy and all those other men were worthy. Have you ever thought about what that word means in Mormon culture? An even more fundamental question is why do Mormons continue to use that word? Why couldn’t the bishop have asked for ‘participant’ to come forward? The implications Read More

The Trouble with Trauma

By Gerry Baird When we think of those who have been injured in accidents, we do not generally come to the conclusion that they need lectures, social pressure or ostracization in order to heal. They may be challenged by a skilled physical therapist at the right time and in the right way, but otherwise their prescription is going to include a lot of rest under a doctor’s supervision. When we are dealing with spiritual wounds, however, the love and care we need can sometimes be neglected. Human Motivation Human motivation is a complex topic that has been debated by philosophers, Read More