My Son Is Gay

By On Defense Church was too much for me.  I was always on the defense in sacrament meeting and with every class taught.  I was also on constant defense with the bishopric.  My son came out in 1994 at the age of 16.  I could hardly handle the stress of someone saying something about homosexuality. How can we be more sensitive of people whose family members are LGBTQ or who are themselves?  In what ways can church members help those in these situations feel safe at church? Read More

I Didn’t Fit In

By Former Church Attender I no longer attend.  But when I believed and attended, I felt that church helped me be a better person.  But it was so extremely hard to go alone with my kids.  I felt judged and like I didn’t fit in.  I used to say, “I believe in the church but it is also the hardest thing I do all week.”  Now that I don’t go, I feel so much better.  I have more confidence in myself and I realize I don’t need the church to tell me how to be a good person.  I am Read More

I Was Kicked Out of YSA

By Hurt by Age Getting kicked out of the YSA Ward was and still is traumatic and hurtful.  Even though I think it was too far for me to travel there so often, I still needed it.  But it was determined for me that I’m over the hill.  That hurts so much. Should the Church determine when one is done with a certain ward simply based on age?  How can we help those who are in this situation? Should and can exceptions be made to accommodate individual needs? Read More