I Had Deep Concerns

By Doctrinally Traumatized

As a young person, I loved my ward and the Church!  I felt loved and included.  As I got older, I started to question things that I heard and read about.  Slowly, I started to notice teachings of the Church that did not make sense.  For instance, when the Blacks were allowed the Priesthood, I wondered why they hadn’t been allowed all along (since this was the true Church and had a Prophet who spoke to God).  Other things started to creep into my thinking.  Over several years, it became more and more apparent that the Church is not telling the truth.  Can you imagine how greatly this upset me?  I had trusted it so much!  I no longer believe in its teachings.  I consider myself a nonmember even though my name is still on the Church records.  I feel like the Church needs to repent but it seems unwilling to do so.

**How can active Church members and leaders honor individuals with serious doctrinal concerns, even if those doubts eventually cause the individual to leave the Church? How can core traumatizing issues such as Blacks and the priesthood be proactively addressed in Sunday lessons?

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