I Was Shunned and Abused

By Sexually Abused
I joined the church at age 21.  After joining, I was sexually abused by a priesthood holder as well as stalked by the priesthood holder in my ward. The most difficult thing that traumatized me the most was that the women in the ward shunned me afterward.   They wouldn’t help during this process.  When I told the bishop, that was  worse because there was only one man allowed there.  No women were allowed in the room.  Also, they would only allow me to see a male therapist at the time with LDS Family Services.  Eventually, the shunning became too much for me.  My dad rescued me and brought me to another ward where I was able to trust again through the Atonement.  I still have sereve PTSD but I am able to manage it now.  The ward that I am in now treats me like I am one of their own.
How can we help those who have been sexually abused feel worthy, valued, and loved?  How can we be better at including those who are hurting?  In what ways can priesthood leaders be more sensitive to women who have been mistreated and their need for more feminine connections and understanding?

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