Mormons Exhibit Very Poor Behavior

By Gossip Averse

I generally enjoyed serving people in the church.  I did not enjoy the leadership roulette – some leaders were okay but some were on priesthood power trips.  I did not enjoy the sexism.  I did not enjoy the constant judgment and gossip over the most trivial things by some members (Her dress is too short; Are they having marital problems?; Did that person not take the sacrament – Why not?  She does her visiting teaching; How many children does she have?; Did you know she works full time?; She’s been divorced – and on and on and on.)  Just very poor behavior.  No thank you!

**How can members be more aware of conversations that cross the line from helpful to hurtful? How can leaders serve with greater humility and understand the struggles many women face in a patriarchal system?

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